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Full text of "Deed, Ebenezer Dickinson of Litchfield, Connecticutt, to Samuel Partridge, 1765"

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ToaiiFeopkio whom thefe Pre/ents Jhall come^ Greeting, 

|\^NOW YE, Th^.(^l,m2j>^/a. 

u?/c L^c/^/u/ af^^PTTr/rru^ Si-r^^H^a^mr, 

For the Conllderation of 

>^ ^:/^: '^Qi ^A^'-yi -^^--.^-^i^ 


received \m r/i 

full Satisfaaion o^Mmud d>/rJ^o/J^c^.^'^ /t^«/.^yM.^,^.-^^-.:..-^-^^^''^2f 
, .: . , '/r'f^'"^^Ao <yive, grant, l3arp;ain, fell, and confirm unto the faia t^'am^dt 

'/ '^ 





--k- - 

^-1— + 

-V— >-f*-. 

.,^.,.> .,, . . , ,, . .,.r-> '>-.'> TIOLD the above p-rantcd ami bargained Premiffs, with the Appur- 

, _. ,o X»^,c the laid #ii:^/.^/^^ f&/(c/^<^ nn Heirs and Affigns.for 

ever, to//| and their own proper Ufe and Behoof. And alio, J the faid lutno:zt.y 
'"^ ■ / . do, lor ffif/fel? V^Heirs, Executors andAdmi- 

riftrators, covenant with the faid -t4^r.A„ < l* t Ao Keirs and Afllgns ; that at 

and until ths Enfeaiing of thefe Prefcnts /^Trx- well fcizcd ofthe Premif^s, as a good in- 
defcafible Eftatc inFee-iimple -, and have good Right to bargain and fell the iame, in ?\/Ianner 
and Form as is above written^ and that the fame is free oi all Encumbrances whatfoevcr. And 

FurthtrviiTi, J the faid hu/Uttc^ \LiJ-iiro^^' ^ _ do, by thcie Prefents, 

bind Mi; fcl/*^ Heirs, forever, to Vv-arrant and defend the above granted and ba-gaincd 

Premifcs', to )^rrfbc faid Jccnuici J^y /^/^«, A' J Heirs and AiTigns, againft all 

Claims and Demands v.^fo:ver. IK WITrs^liSS whereof, ^ have hereunto fee 

Hand and Seal , ths Wui^i^lM D"}' of imr/e . ' _ in the x^y/A 

Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord GEORGE the 3"fc>i of Crest-Britein, 

tz<z. KING: Annoqiie Doivini, ij 6j^ ' ^ 

TerjlnhUycppcard m Vocne::xo'<2fu,h,, , •--^'--^'r^''''' ^''•' -^"•"' '^f thi foregoing Mvuk:M, 
dtnd eckmiviedged the fcm; lo he btf free A" and Bad, bsfsn ini 


cA//uc^ ^A^-^^/z ^/!/t/tiA /- 


--*'%Nt<, f f- 


^ V